Join our long-term “Fastlane” Parking Program! We offer parking customers convenient access in and out of the Shaded and Long-Term parking lot facility at SRQ with the new automated “FastLane” Program in collaboration with our parking management company, Republic Parking System (RPS).

Top reasons to join the program:

  • Fast access in an out of the Shaded and Long -Term parking lot, saving time
  • Convenient automated credit card payments

How does it work?

  • Customers sign up free by calling the local Republic Parking System (RPS) Manager at (941) 359-2770, ext. 4297. You will need to provide personal contact information (including a valid email address) and a credit card number to register. Please complete the application form and bring with you at the time of your appointment with RPS.
  • Customers will receive an Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) to affix on their vehicle’s front windshield. You can get more than one card but will need to register all vehicles that will use the program.
  • There is no additional charge for the card or for the registration.
  • Access card can be used in any of the lot entrance lanes in the Long-Term lot, and from the left lane into the Shaded lot. The gate goes up automatically and customers do not obtain tickets.
  • Exit the Shaded lot in the left lane, or in lanes 2 & 3 when exiting the Long-Term lot.
  • Charges are calculated automatically and customers are emailed a receipt shortly after leaving the FastLane exit.
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