In an effort to improve communication with suppliers, streamline and reduce administrative costs, Purchasing will use Onvia DemandStar to distribute automatic solicitation notifications, addendums, award recommendations, etc. to all interested firms. This is an automated notification service that will send new opportunities directly to you once your online account has been activated.  To be sure you are notified of new solicitations as soon as they are issued, please have your government contracts specialist register on DemandStar at in order to access the website where documents are available to download.  Although this service is not a mandatory requirement in bidding with the Authority, it is the only way to be notified automatically of solicitations.  Pursuant to Florida Statutes 119, all bidding documents with the Authority are public record.  DemandStar by Onvia connects businesses and governments to opportunities online.


Purchasing Bids (Commodities and Contractual Services)



Engineering Bids (Capital Projects)

BID-03-2023-AOA – 15th Street Airport Observation Area Demand Star link:  DemandStar
RFQ-02-2023-ENV - Professional Services for an Environmental Assessment:  DemandStar 
RFQ-03-2023-GDP - Professional Services for a General Development Plan:  DemandStar

RFQ-04-2023-OCC - On-Call General Consulting Services:  DemandStar