TSA Security

TSA Advises Air Travelers on Airport, Airline Security Measures

The TSA issued the following tips to help air travelers meet and assist the heightened security measures implemented since the Sept. 11 attacks. Please note that air travelers are limited to one carry-on bag and one personal item on all flights.

Allow Extra Time

The heightened measures require more time to properly screen travelers. Travelers should contact their airline to find out how early they should arrive at the airport.

Check In

A government-issued ID (federal, state, or local) is required. Travelers may be asked to show this ID at subsequent points, such as at the security checkpoint, along with their boarding passes.

Checked Luggage

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had required all suitcases checked at the airport to be unlocked. This not only adds to your risk of having things stolen, but also increases the risk of the suitcase accidentally opening. Now there are a range of special TSA-approved locks. You can open them using your combination, and the TSA can open them using a special master key. TSA-approved locks are available in the gift shop at SRQ, local AAA Auto Clubs, and select luggage sales outlets.

Screener Checkpoints

Only ticketed passengers are allowed beyond the screener checkpoints. Travelers with specific medical or parental needs may be accompanied if issued a gate pass by the airline ticket counter staff. Each traveler will be limited to one carry-on bag and one personal bag (i.e., purse or briefcase). All electronic items, such as laptops and cell phones, may be subjected to additional screening. Be prepared to remove your laptop from its travel case so that it can be X-rayed separately. Travelers should remove all metal objects prior to passing through the metal detectors in order to facilitate the screening process.

Prohibited Items

The TSA maintains a list of items that are prohibited on board the aircraft. This list is updated by the TSA as required.
Please check here to review TSA’s latest list.