Press Policy

The Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority works towards maintaining the following press communication guidelines: We are focused on presenting an unambiguous and precise public image of SRQ.

Our community stakeholders, tenants and the traveling public are entitled to accurate information that allows them to understand the position and policies of the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority. We consider it very important to be consistent with our communications and as open and informative as possible.

We ensure that quick, accessible, understandable and pertinent information about SRQ is available. SRQ’s community stakeholders, tenants, and the traveling public need easy access to up-to-date information that could impact them and business at SRQ.

We must, however, remain sensitive to informational restrictions involved with airport security and homeland security at SRQ. The official SRQ spokesperson is Mr. Fredrick J. Piccolo, A.A.E., President / CEO. The airport authority policy is to answer all questions from the press in a timely and accurate manner. Please feel free to contact the airport if you are writing an article, requesting an interview or are researching information for a story.

Please contact the airport at 1-941-359-2770 ext. 4217 to set up interviews or answer general questions about the airport.

Press Releases

To ensure local press, community stakeholders and the traveling public always have access to developing news at SRQ all press releases will be posted on the SRQ website and will be viewable for at least six months after release.

Access and Permits

At SRQ, we try to be as flexible as possible towards accommodating the needs of the press. However security and safety always comes first. We therefore ask for your understanding and cooperation in complying with instructions from the Authority and the Transportation Security Administration when you are at the airport. The following pages provide guidelines on how best the press can work with SRQ.

Access to the Airport

The following rules apply to journalists working at the airport:
• Members of the Press requiring access to the airport should report to the administrative offices on the third floor during general business hours Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm.
• Between the hours of 4:30pm and 9:00am and on weekends the Press should coordinate visits through airport operations at 1-941-359-2770 ext 4300, upon arriving at the airport journalists should inform airport police curbside of their activities.
• Staff at the office will provide journalists presenting a press card a gate pass. Outside of normal business hours journalists requiring gate access will be escorted into the gate area by a member of airport operations as long as the member of the press has a scheduled appointment at the airport.

Don’t Forget

• All journalists entering the gate area are required to pass through TSA security screening.
• You are not permitted to bring knives, scissors, razor blades or any other dangerous pointed objects.

Parking for Members of the Press

Members of the press can park in the short term parking lot next to the terminal building or at the DMA Auditorium directly west of the terminal building. Short term parking will not be charged for press vehicles on official business when arranged through the operations department, parking passes will be provided in this case. Parking in all other airport areas will be based upon approval by airport operations, 1-941-359-2770 ext 4300.

Access to the Apron

Escort is mandatory for anyone requiring access to the airport apron. Call airport operations 1-941-359-2770 ext 4300 to schedule access. Members of the foreign press Foreign journalists with a valid international press card may receive access to SRQ on the same terms as members of the American press. Members of the foreign press without an international press card may be granted access to the airport only at the discretion of the President CEO or press coordinator. All Foreign journalists will be required to pass through TSA security screening and will be escorted at all times when at SRQ.

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency situation (such as an aircraft incident, natural disaster, hurricane or terrorist), it may be necessary to closely control or restrict airport access for the press. The DMA Auditorium, directly west of the main terminal building, will be used as the press briefing room and airport entry point in an emergency situation.  Members of the press and community stakeholders should monitor the SRQ airport website for updates and scheduled press conferences during an emergency situation. Without exception, the only SRQ airport staff members who will speak on behalf of the Authority during an emergency will be the President CEO or his deputy or the press coordinator acting as the Public Information Officer.

Airline Operations

During emergency situations the traveling public and the press should always contact the airlines directly regarding changes to flight schedules and airline operations. It is not the policy or the responsibility of the airport to comment on flight activity during an emergency situation. All calls to the airport information on flight activity will be referred to airline representatives through their toll free numbers.