August 5, 2020
For Immediate Release

SRQ Provides Thermal Temperature Checks 

As part of Sarasota Bradenton International Airport’s “Fly Safe” program, SRQ has installed three non-contact thermal temperature screening kiosks.   One in the ticket wing near the up escalator, the 2nd near the checkpoint screening area on the second floor and the 3rd to be utilized by all Airport Authority employees to ensure they are screened for elevated temperatures prior to starting their daily work shift.  This product, the Duo series, is developed off military grade thermal sensing cameras and has been deployed for several years now across Asian and European airports.  The technology is distributed across the world by Toronto based BeMotion Inc.  It is designed to rapidly scan and detect individuals with body temperatures over 100.4 degrees or more, which is the current guideline for detecting fever set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Use of the temperature checking kiosk is voluntary.  Signage at the kiosk will advise individuals with elevated body temperature that it is recommended that they should not travel and to seek further medical evaluation by a health care professional  Airport President and CEO Rick Piccolo stated, “The daily temperature screening of our employees is another layer of safety protection for our passengers. The voluntary temperature kiosk for passengers provides an added self-screening service to the traveling public.”

The new thermal temperature check kiosk does not replace other safety measures that are already in place at SRQ to help protect the public.  Some of these additional measures include increased cleaning by janitorial staff of all touchpoints, mandatory use of face masks by all employees, Plexiglas shields, and social distancing markers placed in all queuing lines.  Signage and public address announcements are also used to remind individuals to follow CDC guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

For additional information contact:
Rick Piccolo

SRQ President, Chief Executive Officer
Tel. (941) 359-2770, extension 4200
For BeMotion Inc. contact:
 Kent Kirschner
Director US Operations
Tel. (941) 234 3677