The beautiful SRQ terminal building (see below) is a combination of efficiency, comfort and aesthetics, with a distinct local flavor.
For your convenience, the terminal features very short walking distances, with a simple progression from the parking lot, to check-in counters, to security screening and onto the concourse. For arriving passengers the distances are equally as short from the gates. Walking to the baggage claim area from an arrival gate takes only a few minutes; once there you will find car rental counters. The parking lot and ground transportation are easily accessible adjacent to the baggage claim area. Many different features have been incorporated into the terminal to deliver both efficiency and a distinct local flavor. One example is our waterfall, a very attractive unique visual feature that is an integral part of the air-conditioning system. Artwork is a strong part of our community and has been incorporated into the terminal, creating a local feel and flavor. Four large acrylic paintings by local artist Frank Hopper and four large pastels by local artist Regan Dunnick are displayed throughout the terminal; both groups of artwork were created specifically for the airport, rendering a distinct Florida and regional ambiance. Airport artwork and display showcases can be found strategically throughout the terminal. Lobby displays includes: display cabinets containing airport memorabilia and information and product samples from the many manufacturers in Sarasota county. The second floor also includes a 6,000-gallon saltwater aquarium operated by Mote Marine Laboratory. We invite you to explore the SRQ terminal and enjoy the many hours of effort that has been dedicated towards delivering our customers a world class aviation platform that is comfortable and non-intimidating unlike so many of the larger airports.
Complimentary WiFi
The Sarasota Manatee Airport began offering complimentary Wi-Fi in 2006. Simply let your laptop or smartphone lead you through the log-in process. Connect to “SRQWIFI” and Review & Agree to the Terms of Use, provide your email address, and simply “log in”.
Luggage Carts
Luggage carts are available in the baggage claim wing and on the curb outside baggage claim. Rental is $4.00 with a rebate if returned to the cart dispenser. Carts are provided by Smarte Carte. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards, $1 or $5 bills are accepted.
ATM/Change Machine
An automated teller machine (ATM) and change machine is located at the west side of baggage claim near the Ground Transportation exit, and a second ATM is located on the second floor by the up escalator.
Massage Chairs
Massage chairs are available on the second level of the main terminal, at the west side of baggage claim, and on the concourse
Literature Rack / Advertising
A literature rack containing area maps, discount coupons and other information on local attractions and real estate are located near the baggage claim area. Other creative and colorful advertising displays are located throughout the terminal. If you wish to advertise in the airport please visit the airport business section for further information.
Student Art Exhibition
Artwork has become a common fixture throughout the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. The Airport promotes self-expression through its Student Art Exhibition with works submitted by students (Grades K-12) from Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The Student Art Exhibition is located on the first level in the ticketing area. One hundred framed pieces of student art are on display for 12 months across the airline check-in counters. If you would like to submit your work in our annual contest, please download the latest SRQ Student Artwork Contest application and follow the directions as listed. Good luck
Terminal Map